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Recipe technology is evolving for first time since the advent of the cookbook.  With Nimble Chef's patented SmartRecipe technology, home cooks now have the ability to organize, plan and prepare complete meals, knowing what can be done in advance and what must be done at the last moment, just as professional chefs do.  Nimble Chef's sophisticated, easy-to-use scheduler does the following and more:

  • integrates the instructions from multiple recipes into a single planning document, ordering them in the most efficient sequence to ensure success  
  • scales ingredients and instructions accordingly if you want to increase or decrease the number of servings
  • identifies which steps can be done a day in advance, and will produce a two-day schedule with the tap of a button
  • knows how many ovens and burners you have and when they are in use or available, to help avoid bottlenecks
  • advises you in advance when two recipes will demand your attention at the same time
  • understands the maximum number of servings can reasonably be performed by a single person
  • updates your estimated serving time as you tap on each step
  • provides an inline timer for each instruction that requires one